The Top Ten Signs That You Have Become An Alcoholic


By Samantha James

There are actually more signs than the top ten signs as far as determining whether you have actually become an alcoholic.

The transition from normal drinking to alcoholic drinking is very subtle, and you won't even know it happened.

It is a silent walk across the line, straight into a full-fledged addiction, at which point you are no longer able to stop drinking.


The top ten signs that you are more than likely an alcoholic include:

  • You drink before you go out to an occasion where you will be drinking to get a head start.

  • You hide your drinking from others.

  • Your life and schedule revolve around drinking.

  • You are less social than you used to be, and sometimes prefer to stay home and drink.

  • You drink at home because you can no longer drink in public as a result of poor behavior under the influence.

  • You don't understand how people can walk away from a glass half full of alcohol.

  • Meeting your responsibilities is becoming more difficult due to alcohol interfering with your life.

  • You never allow yourself to run out of alcohol.

  • If you happen to run out of alcohol during a drinking session and you are unable to obtain more, you suffer anxiety and discomfort.

  • You become a different person under the influence - a Jekyll/Hyde personality transition.

The most important sign that you are truly addicted to alcohol is that you must have it, regardless of the consequences.

You find yourself protecting your drinking from the important people in your life for fear they will demand that you stop drinking, by attempting to minimize the situation, or denying it altogether.

Alcohol will keep you in the game for an incredibly long time, primarily because in the beginning stages of the addiction, most alcoholics are functional and able to handle their responsibilities with little trouble, naturally leading to the conclusion that drinking is having little effect on their lives.

As the drinking continues, inevitably the ability to function will erode as the alcohol takes hold, and old ambitions, life dreams, and motivation become just that - old, and for the most part, unfulfilled.


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